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Water Cooled Tank Capacitors

Equipped with high power, Water Cooled Tank Capacitors are available at wholesale price for the industries such as power generation, electric utilities, and high-energy physics research. Our offered capacitors are built to handle high voltages and currents in various applications that require efficient heat dissipation. Get vast qualitative advantage at low cost according to the need of industrial requirements.

Application of Water-cooled Capacitors

Our Water-cooled capacitors have a wide range of applications in industrial settings where efficient and dependable power delivery is essential. One notable application is in melting furnaces, billet heating, forging, and heat-treating processes. These capacitors are instrumental in maintaining a stable power supply and optimal operating temperatures for these critical operations. Additionally, they are extensively utilized in high-frequency heating equipment for tasks such as plastic welding, sealing, and cutting. Water-cooled capacitors offer precise control over heat generation, ensuring consistent and accurate results. Moreover, they find application in induction heating systems for heat treatment, brazing, and soldering, delivering controlled energy for efficient and precise heating. Lastly, welding machines benefit from water-cooled capacitors, which provide the necessary power output for arc welding, spot welding, and resistance welding, resulting in strong and durable welds. Overall, water-cooled capacitors significantly contribute to the versatile application procured according to requirements. 

Features of Water-Cooled Tank Capacitors:

Dielectric and Electrode:
Our water-cooled tank capacitors are engineered with premium materials to ensure superior performance and reliability.

  • Dielectric: We utilize imported bi-axially oriented Both side hazy Polypropylene Film with Non-PCB environmental friendly impregnant as the dielectric. This combination provides excellent insulation properties and enhances the capacitor's overall efficiency and safety.
  • Electrode: The capacitor's electrode is constructed using 99.9% soft annealed Aluminium foil of adequate thickness. The foil is precisely treated with edge folding and end folding techniques, ensuring optimal electrical conductivity and mechanical integrity.
  • Dielectric Losses: Efficient dielectric losses are critical for maintaining the capacitor's stability and minimizing energy wastage. Our water-cooled tank capacitors exhibit excellent dielectric loss characteristics.

Initial Energisation (50°C):
Frequencies up to 5 kHz: Dielectric losses are approximately 0.2 to 0.3 watts per kVAr.
Frequencies above 5 kHz: Dielectric losses are around 0.5 watts per kVAr.


  • Loss Reduction:
    After 500 operating hours, the dielectric losses reduce to a suitably low value, ensuring better energy efficiency and prolonged capacitor life.
  • These controlled dielectric losses make our capacitors highly efficient for a wide range of applications, from low-frequency to high-frequency operations.

Product Details:

Product Name Water Cooled Capacitors
Rated Voltage Up To 5000 Volts AC
Rated KVAR Up To 8400 KVAr (Special Ratings Are Also Available On Request )
Rated Frequency Up To 50,000 Hz
Tapings Tapped / Untapped
Cooling Water Cooled / Air Cooled
Casing Aluminum / Brass / S. S.
Mounting Vertical / Horizontal
Protection Thermal & Over Pressure Cut – Off Switch
IS Slanders As Per IEC : 60110 (Part 1), IS : 9251
Packaging Material Wooden Box
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Country Of Origin India
Manufacturer By Pasaydan Electricals
Type Cooled Capacitors
Frequency Medium Frequency

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