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Medium Frequency Water Cooled Capacitors

We are a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Water Cooled Capacitors of Medium frequency. Also, Our top-quality product line includes various types of cooled capacitors such as High-Frequency, Medium Voltage Water Cooled Capacitors, and all other types. Capacitors are designed to enhance Power Factor Improvement for Induction Heating/Melting Plants. 

We use High-Grade Copper Pipes in the water cooling system to ensure efficient cooling. Depending on your specific frequency requirements, we utilize Aluminium, Brass, or Stainless Steel Containers. Additionally, For safety features, Protection Switches (Thermal/Pressure) are placed in capacitors upon request. 

Internal Element Construction

When building a capacitor tank, a combination of elements is connected in series-parallel formations based on the specific KVAr and voltage ratings needed for the capacitors.

Types & Connection details :

  • Water Cooling Taped with Live Case Design
  • Water Cooling Taped with Dead Case Design
  • Water Cooling Untapped Design

Cooling Procedure:

To ensure optimal performance, the cooling system must meet the following requirements:

  • Rated Water Flow: The minimum water flow rate should be 5 L/min.
  • Maximum Pressure Drop: The pressure drop across the system should not exceed 140 m bars.
  • Inlet Water Temperature: The inlet water temperature must not exceed 35°C.
  • Temperature Difference: The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water should be approximately 10°C.

Enhanced Protection:

To ensure the safety and longevity of the capacitor, we implement advanced protection features:

Thermal / Pressure Switch: A reliable thermal and pressure switch is provided for the capacitor. It is designed to trip the system in case of heating beyond preset limits, thus preventing capacitor failure.

Comprehensive Testing:

To maintain the highest quality standards, we carry out a thorough testing process for each capacitor:

  • Routine Test: Each capacitor undergoes a routine test according to IEC 60110 (Part 1) / IS 9251.
  • Capacitance Measurement: Precise capacitance measurement is performed to verify the capacitor's specifications.
  • Dielectric Loss Angle Measurement: The dielectric loss angle is measured to assess the capacitor's insulation efficiency.
  • Voltage Tests: Two voltage tests are conducted: one between terminals and another between terminals and the container to ensure electrical safety.
  • Sealing Test: A sealing test is conducted to verify the capacitor's robustness and leak-proof design.
  • Safety Features: The capacitor is equipped with a Thermal / Over-pressure Disconnect Switch that has normally closed contacts, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • Dimensional Verification: The capacitor's dimensions are thoroughly verified to meet the required specifications.

Application of Water-Cooled Capacitors:

  • Induction Heating & Melting Applications: Induction heating is widely employed in metal heat treatment, forging, welding, and other specialized applications.
  • IS 9251 Capacitors for Inductive Heat-Generating Plants
  • Induction Heating Installations: For cooling, ensuring stable and continuous operation even under heavy loads.

Benefits of Water-Cooled Capacitors:

  • 99.9% annealed Aluminium foil constructed of adequate thickness
  • Rated Voltage Up To 5000 Volts AC
  • Horizontal/Vertical mounting
  • Water-cooling system prevents it overheating and ensures consistent performance under heavy loads
  • Wide range of industries application
  • It is Recycled and Repairable at an easy cost

Product Details:

Product Name Water Cooled Capacitors
Rated KVAR Up To 8400 KVAr (Special Ratings Are Also Available On Request )
Rated Voltage Up To 5000 Volts AC
Rated Frequency Up To 50,000 Hz
Tapings Tapped / Untapped
Cooling Water Cooled / Air Cooled
Casing Aluminum / Brass / S. S.
Mounting Vertical / Horizontal
Protection Thermal & Over Pressure Cut – Off Switch
IS Slanders As Per IEC : 60110 (Part 1), IS : 9251
Packaging Material Wooden Box
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Country Of Origin India
Manufacturer By Pasaydan Electricals
Type Cooled Capacitors
Frequency Medium Frequency

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